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PT Djarum Scholarships

Scholarships & Character Development

Djarum aware, education is one effort to improve the welfare of the community and the nation in creating a better future.

Therefore, since 1984 through a program of Education Bakti Djarum, Djarum provides scholarships to students-one high-achieving undergraduate students from various universities both State and private, throughout Indonesia. To further emphasize its commitment to advance the education world, starting this year Bakti Djarum Djarum Education has been changed to Plus Scholarship. This is consistent with the direction of the CSR activities of PT Djarum in education that will focus and identical to the granting of scholarships.

Prospective Plus Scholarship recipients are selected Djarum strictly and must meet the requirements of IQ and EQ so that they have emotional intelligence in the process of achievement.

In addition to tuition assistance, scholarship recipients Djarum Plus (Beswan Djarum) also receive other benefits in the form of character development program that is an excess of Djarum Scholarship Program Plus, which is to participate in seminars / workshops, training, leadership, motivation, outbound, practical skills, and entrepreneurship (entrepreneurial skills) and others for the Beswan Djarum be independent and be a wise leader.

Every once a year, their wits sharpened by Djarum Beswan Writing Contest (LKT-BD) to hone skills and quality of creative thinking and innovative.

All Beswan Djarum also had the opportunity to visit the factory of PT Djarum in the Holy City while attending the inauguration as Beswan Djarum night in a single event of the National Gathering

In 2003 Institute Scholarship Djarum (IPBSD) became BESWAN DJARUM Association, an abbreviation of the Institute of BEASISWAWAN DJARUM. Since it is also the recipient of scholarships Plus Djarum called Beswan Djarum.

Remain committed to the education world

Along with the increased number of Beswan Djarum, needed a venue to accommodate activities for students receiving the scholarship Djarum. The container is called the Association of Scholars Djarum (IPBSD) who in 2003 perfected a BESWAN DJARUM Association, an abbreviation of Association BEASISWAWAN DJARUM. Since it is also the recipient of scholarships Plus Djarum called Beswan Djarum.

To sharpen social sensitivity, Institute of BESWAN DJARUM routinely perform a variety of social activities and internal training for its members. They also learn to have a sense of sharing with teaching children who can not afford in their respective environments. The existence of BESWAN DJARUM Association, the benefits obtained by the Beswan Djarum not limited to the nominal value received each month.

Quarter of a century past the age of Djarum Scholarship Program Plus runs, more than 6300 university students from 70 public and private universities in Indonesia have received Djarum Plus Scholarship.

Djarum will continue to be consistent and try to keep the commitment to achieve a future full of lofty ideals. A spirit that will never cease to continue to bear outstanding generation.

Requirements to be recipients Scholarship program Djarum Plus

Male or female.
Medium Level of Education take S1 (Strata 1).
Academic achievement with a GPA above 3.00, have completed 4 semesters (family's financial situation became one of the considerations).
Actively participates in the activities of the organization on Campus.
Do not receive scholarship from other parties.

Students submit a written request to the college scholarship through the Director of Administrative Affairs or the Vice Rector III.
Copy Card Study Results Semester 4 (four).
Copy of certificate of organization / certificate of organizational active.
Letter from the campus are not currently receiving a scholarship from another party.
Copy of ID card.
One sheet of photo size 4 x 6 cm colored jacket alma mater.

Following a psychological test.
Making a brief article.

Djarum Plus Scholarship Program
Djarum Plus Scholarship given for 2 (two) consecutive semesters or 1 (one) year.
The amount of funds Djarum Plus Scholarship in the academic year 2010/2011 amounted to Rp. 600.000, - (six hundred thousand rupiah) per month.

Receive training soft skills such as: outbound, leadership training, practical skills and entrepreneurship.

Official Source: http://www.djarumbeasiswaplus.com

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