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Lowongan Kerja Terbaru April 2011 Chevron Oil

New Job Vacancies April 2011 In Indonesia, Chevron is working in partnership with BPMIGAS (Executive Agency for Upstream Oil and Gas Business Activities) for its exploration & production business and Pertamina for the geothermal and power business and has long been recognized as significant oil and gas producer and geothermal and power provider

Why work with Chevron?

  1. Global Scope of operations promotes global careers
  2. Competitive total remuneration program : pay, bonus program and flexible benefits
  3. 125 years of history yet strong future growth
  4. State of the art technology
  5. World class experts
  6. Large queque of exciting projects
  7. Reputation for solid busines results
  8. Strong ethics
  9. Diversity is a core value

To sustain profitable growth and build the organizational capability, Chevron in Indonesia is now searching for experienced Indonesian nationals who posses relevant educational background, technical, and behavior competencies to join the company in the following opportunities :

Current Positions for Experienced

  • Counsel (Law-EXP/SumatraLaw-RBI)
  • HES Engineer (OEHES-EXP/GPO-JKT)
  • Completion Engineer (DC-EXP/DW-JKT)
  • Completion/Intervention Engineer (DC-EXP/DW-JKT)
  • Experience Drilling Engineer (DC-EXP/DW-JKT)
  • Drilling Engineer (DC-EXP/DW-JKT)
  • Sr. Completion Intervention Engineer (DC-EXP/DW-JKT)
  • Field Drilling Engineer (DC-EXP/DW-JKT)
  • Geophysicist Seismic (ES-EXP/ODG-JKT)
  • Construction Engineer (FE-EXP/GPO-GRT)
  • Petroleum Engineer - Subsea (FE-EXP/DW-JKT)
  • Schedule Controller (FE-EXP/DW-JKT)
  • Facility Engineer Electrical (FE-EXP/HO-DRI)
  • Facility Engineer Electrical (FE-EXP/HO-DRI2)
  • Facility Engineer Civil (FE-EXP/HO-DRI)
  • Petroleum Engineer (PE-EXP/SLO-DRI)
  • Facility Engineer Mechanical (FE-EXP/HO-DRI2)
  • Facility Engineer Mechanical (FE-EXP/HO-DRI3)
  • Facility Engineer Mechanical (FE-EXP/P&T-DRI)
  • Well Site Manager (DC-EXP/SMO-MNS&KTB)
  • Sr. HES Engineer - Environmental (OEHES-EXP/DW-JKT)
  • HES ENGINEER - Safety & Occupational Health (OEHES-EXP/SLO-RBI)
  • Completion Engineer (DC-EXP/SMO-DRI)
  • Specialist E-Procurement (SCM-EXP/SCM-JKT)
  • Marine QA/QC Specialist (SCM-EXP/SSG-BPN)
  • HES Representative (SCM-EXP/SCM-JKT)
  • Maintenance Planner (OPS-EXP/GPO-SLK)
  • Catering Expert (SCM-EXP/SCM-BPN)
  • Petroleum Engineer - Interface (PE-EXP/DW-JKT)
  • Mgr. Communication (PGPA-EXP/SSG-JKT)
  • Advisor Government&External Relation (PGPA-EXP/SSG-JKT)
  • Communication Specialist (PGPA-EXP/SSG-SMO)
  • Facility Engineer Mechanical (FE-EXP/HO-DRI)
  • Construction Reprensentative (FE-EXP/SLO-KTB)
  • Jr. Construction Representativ (FE-EXP/SLO-DRI)
  • Analyst Operation Support (OPS-EXP/GPO-DRI)
  • QA/QC Inspector (OPS-EXP/SLO-DRI)
  • Technician (OPS-EXP/SLO-MNS)

Recent Positions - Recent Graduates :

  • Counsel (Law-FG/SumatraLaw-RBI)
  • University Partneship Program (UPP) Intern (UPP-FG/UPP)
  • Operator (OPS-FG/OPS-SMA)

If you are interested, please apply to : CHEVRON

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